We can no longer accept supernatural characters to work at Hogwarts. However, there are teaching positions still available at Ilvermorny and The College of Wizardry as long as the class does not require wand work. Miskatonic University is also an option for ‘night classes’ for mortals.

Werewolves (this includes other shifters but NOT wizards with lycanthropy, see note below):

Best resources: Twilight’s Failing (http://cityofangels.wikidot.com/garou-character-creation-guide) and The Gift’s Generator at Arsimagica: http://www.arsimagica.net/~eccles/roleplaying/werewolf/gifts/

  • Werewolf_-_The_Apocalypse_coverTribes allowed: Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fianna, Glass Walkers, Shadow Lords, Silver Fangs, and Uktena (Black Furies, Get of Fenris, Red Talons, Silent Striders, and Wendigo are allowed but will be under scrutiny during creation).
  • Supernatural and Wizarding Treaty info can be found on this page.
  • Tribes and other fera not mentioned are rare; not necessarily forbidden, but much less likely to be approved.
  • Breeds available are Lupus or Homid. This is to balance the game with the inclusion of lycanthorpy.
  • Garou can travel anywhere in the world using The Umbra. We only ask that travel is with purpose and realistically portrayed in the game.
  • Garou usually form packs; unless a lot of players make characters at once, though, a PC pack isn’t likely. Think about whether your character has an NPC pack or whether they are a lone wolf, and why.
  • Whatever else is going on in game, don’t forget about Rage, about the Litany, and about the need to protect the Wyld and fight the Wyrm.


For centuries, when wizards spoke of werewolves, they were speaking of lycanthropy. The best-known example of this is Remus Lupin. Lycanthropes are cursed and therefore cannot control the change, nor do they possess free will or self-control while they are changed (unless a potion is made to lessen the effect).

True werewolves (Garou) are born not made. They have a society and different abilities of their own. They can control the change and remain themselves no matter which form they are in. It is possible for a true werewolf to go into a frenzy state, but this is rare and is not caused by the full moon.

Garou consider lycanthropes to be creatures of impure blood (like muggle born are to wizards) and tend to dislike them on principle. The fact that wizarding society sees the two as the same is highly offensive. Many wizards still do not understand the difference and treat werewolves with fear and disdain.

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