We can no longer accept supernatural characters to work at Hogwarts. However, there are teaching positions still available at Ilvermorny and The College of Wizardry as long as the class does not require wand work. Miskatonic University is also an option for ‘night classes’ for mortals.

Best resources: (cityofangels – vampire character creation) and Disciplines ( – Disciplines)

  • vamp masqueradeClans allowed: Brujah, Gangrel, Giovanni, Lasombra, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce, Ventrue, Assamite, Ravnos (DA V20 Versions -see below in notes-) and Malkavian.
  • Clans not mentioned here are rare for a reason; they’re not forbidden, but they are less likely to be approved.
  • Tremere: Must have Path of Blood as one of two starting paths.
  • Camarilla: Must start with Path of Humanity.
  • Young Sabbat: Must start with Path of Humanity.
  • Older Sabbat: May justify alternative Path in background.
  • Tremere/Giovanni Paths are capped at Primary 5, Secondary 3
  • Supernatural and Wizarding Treaty info can be found on this page.
  • All Vampires start with all 3 Basic In-Clan powers at level 5. We must balance the game;  everyone is capped out from the moment of embrace.
  • Vampires will need blood to survive. Please remember there is always a fight between Man and Beast; it is sometimes uncontrollable and strong.
  • A vampire who Ghouls or embraces a Witch/Wizard will force that Witch/Wizard to no longer have their abilities. Please take extreme care when choosing to do so.
  • Ghouling is a deliberate act, involving consumption of vampire blood and an expenditure of Willpower by the vampire. Further blood and Willpower is required monthly to maintain ghoul benefits.
  • Drinking vampire blood gives a euphoric high to non-vampires. It can also be used to heal lethal wounds. It is also VERY addictive. If your character ever drinks vampire blood, please message the Guardians immediately. Results may vary 🙂 It also creates a Blood Bond (see below).
  • It is unwise and unethical to feed upon Wizarding Students per the Supernatural agreement with the Wizarding Council. You will be caught.
  • Clan Giovanni: Yes, yes you can mess with Hogwarts Ghosts. Your powers WILL affect them. Nobody is safe or immune in this darkened world!
  • Generations do not exist in our game. However age can still have its perks and its downfalls.
  • Male Vampires who have been embraced 20 years or less can have a chance to father a Dhampir to create a half-vampire child. Female vampires cannot become pregnant. This child cannot have both wizard and vampire powers, a choice must be made of one or the other.


Clan Ravnos (Status: Near-Extinction): During the 2nd Great Wizarding War the Clan decided to try and profit off of the chaos. Manipulated by Dark Magic the clan’s power of Chimerstry overloaded and caused madness for days causing nearly the entire clan (on a Global Scale) to nearly wipe itself out.

Creating a Ravnos PC: Due to player issues with the original Clan history we are going to refer to the Dark Ages V:20 Clan background for this Clan. We prefer that they are rare. When they are created they must not have any ties with any Romani, Traveller, or Gypsy backgrounds.

Blood Bonds

If you drink Vampire vitae, you create a blood bond. Effects of Blood Bonds are per this page (but only the three paragraphs detailing the effect). For information on forming and breaking bonds, see below:

* first stage comes from the first drink. If the thrall can go for a full week without any contact with the vampire (which of course includes not drinking the vampire’s vitae), the bond will break. If contact/interaction continues, even if no further drink occurs, the first stage bond will persist.

* second stage comes after a second drink of blood while the first stage is in effect. If the thrall can go a minimum of six months without any contact with the vampire (or drinking their blood), the bond will reduce to a First Stage bond. The bond can then be reduced further by complying with the rules for removing a first stage bond. If contact/interaction continues, even if no further drink takes place, the second stage bond will persist.

* third stage comes after a third drink of blood while the second stage is in effect.  If the thrall can go a minimum of twelve months without any contact with the vampire (or drinking their blood), the bond will reduce to a Second Stage bond. The bond can then be reduced further by complying with the rules of first the second stage, then the first stage. If contact continues, even if no further drink takes place, the bond will persist.

For the means of breaking or lessening a bond, ‘any contact’ includes seeing in person or on webcam, speaking to directly or electronically, or any direct personal contact.

A third stage bond can be broken other ways. The Tremere are said to have a ritual, if they will admit to it. The Sabbat also are said to be able to remove a bond. Other supernatural may have means. Final death of the vampire usually breaks the bond, but under some circumstances it can persist.

These are simplified rules for small group RP that allow for bonds to break if, say, a PC suddenly vanishes from the game. Canon rules are much stricter. Please ask a Guardian if you have any questions.

(Please remember to read the Game Setting and  Character Creation Page about interrelationships between the worlds in our game.)


Please see the Harry Potter Wiki on Vampires:

JKR’s Vampires are considered to be Dark creatures. They are referenced in many books on Defence Against the Dark Arts, and covered in DADA classes [POA3]. Gilderoy Lockhart devoted one of his books – Voyages with Vampires – to this creature [COS4].

Vampires appear to originate from Europe, as every reference to them thus far has been associated with a European country. Quirinus Quirrell apparently ran into some Vampires in the Black Forest [PS/SS5], and there was also a rumour going around the school that he’d stuffed his classroom full of garlic in order to ward off a Vampire he was worried had followed him from Romania [PS/SS8]. Later, Hagrid had a disagreement with a vampire in a pub in Minsk (which is in Belarus) on his way to visit the Giants [OOTP20].

Vampires are regarded as non-wizard part humans [GOF10], and are classified as “beings” rather than “beasts” by the Ministry of Magic. This classification is seen as controversial in some quarters, however [FB].

Nevertheless, Horace Slughorn saw fit to invite the celebrated Vampire writer Eldred Worple and his Vampiric friend Sanguini to his Christmas party in 1996. Sanguini was relatively well behaved, although he did look a little over-interested in a group of young girls [HBP15].

The Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans are a set of rules and regulations governing the treatment of those Magical Beings who are considered to be neither a wizard, nor truly Human. Given some Wizarding attitudes towards Half-breeds and other creatures (such as vampires, werewolves, and hags), the Guidelines may be an attempt to stop discrimination and prejudice against them. Paragraph Twelve deals with the treatment of vampires, and prohibits them from being killed arbitrarily.

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