Mortals, Muggles, Cultists

You may find inspiration in Lovecraftian horror for Mortals if you want some spice. Below are some links to help you decide the flavour of your Mortal ‘Muggle’ Character.

For the Call of Cthulhu Setting, read notes at bottom of this page.

Things to think about when creating a Mortal:

  • Most people go their whole lives without knowing about the supernatural world.
  • How did you find out it was real, did you witness something that broke you?
  • If you have become a Lovecraftian cultist, what happened to crack your sanity and convince you to become and investigator or cultist? (read notes below)
  • Cultist characters will not be able to use any mythos ritual that will destroy the -entire world-. We prefer to work to keeping the game continuous without a reset.
  • What is your relationship to the supernatural world? Did you marry a Witch? Did vampire kill your brother?
  • Please remember that the game is primarily non-PVP and we encourage everyone to use their prejudices as flavour. You could kill a PC, but do you NEED to. It will be very important to communicate with other players and reassure that trying to kill their character is not personal. Consider how you will avoid conflict with PCs.
  • Mortals cannot use Wizarding Items that are Wands, Charms, etc… But they could stumble on to a Lovecraftian Lore book that has ‘other’ sorts of ancient magics.


Call of Cthulhu: Ancient Tomes, Mortals and Magic?

NyarlathotepDuring the Second Wizarding War the world was exposed to Death Eater terrorists.
These rampaging Wizards attacked without discrimination making all sorts of issues for Londoners. Trains vanished, bridges blew up, and chaos rained down on a beseiged city. With that amount of magic flying around it was impossible to obliviate everyone, some mortals slipped through the cracks and got away.

The mortals that managed to escape were left mentally cracked as they struggled to accept their new reality. A safe and normal world they were used to was now ruined and the ones who did not get picked up and placed into mental hospitals started to ask questions.

Magic is not a simple topic to research. It would not go unnoticed if they were not careful and so they looked in places where rumours led them; tombs, crypts, amd decrepid libraries in abandoned residences. What they found was much worse than they bargained for and the sheer weight of cosmic powers and magic shattered them even more. Some formed cults and some formed socieities to stop it.

The cultists, in fear of being obliviated, begged the ancient cosmic gods to grant them a shield to protect them from the wizarding world magic. The powers the cultists and investigators could now access was far more powerful than mere magical world parlour tricks; it needed to be protected.

These days the ancient tomes of The Elder Gods are kept hidden from Wizards in the Magical World. Investigators and Cultists attempt to thwart one another to summon and prevent summoning of the Elder Gods as they are played by them. There is only one thing they can manage to agree upon together; the Wizarding World should NEVER obtain the power they have unconvered.

The Elder God’s magic is not the same as so called ‘Magic’ and they will do everything in their power to prevent the magical Wold from gaining that ancient eldritch knowledge. Some things should not be.

(Please remember to read the Character Creation Page)


Town Directory of Arkham

Municipal Locations

City Courthouse 250 West College Street
City Hall 1000 South West Street
Fire Department 200 South Garrison Street
Miskatonic Regional Medical Center 850 South West Street
Miskatonic University 450 West Church Street
Police Station 201 South Peabody Avenue
U.S. Post Office 1012 West Church Street

Clothing Shops

Arkham Bridal Boutique 302 West River Street 11am – 10pm
Giovanni’s Clothing for Men 780 North West Street 10am – 9pm
Hans Yodin, Master Cobbler 215 North Fishe Street 9am – 10pm
Miss Ann’s Fashions for Ladies 319 West Church Street 9am – 9pm
V. Carrington, Expert Milliner 707 West Main Street 9am – 9pm
Watkins’ Formal Wear 242 West River Street 9am – 9pm


Arkham Fish Market 362 West Derby Street Always Open
Barlow’s Butcher Shop 461 West Church Street 9am – 10pm
Black Dahlia Jazz Club 279 North Jenkin Street
The Blue Ballroom 719 West Washington Street 8pm – 4am
The Cat and Fiddle Pub 224 East Derby Street 11am – Midnight
Dover’s Groceries 577 West Church Street 6am – 10pm

Other Shops

Arkham Leatherworks 486 West College Street Noon – Midnight
Arkham Medical Supplies 494 East Derby Street 9am – 10pm
Burns Agricultural Goods 843 West Main Street 6am – Midnight
Carla’s Collectibles 673 South West Street 6am – 7pm
Charles Browning – Master Gun Smith 650 South Garrison Street 9am – Midnight
Clarke and Sons Quality Furniture 215 West Hyde Street 8am – 10pm
Eddie’s Bike Emporium 690 South Peabody Street 8am – 7pm
Garrick’s Knick-knacks 245 West Crane Street Always Open
Jamison’s Hunting Supplies 867 South Boundary Street 8am – 7pm
Janson Family Hardware and Supplies 242 West Derby Street 8am – 10pm
Harold Wingham – Master Shipwright 132 South French Hill Street 10am – 8pm
Heaple’s Toys and Games 485 West Washington Street 10am – 7pm
Margaret’s Curio Shop 394 West Curwen Street 9am – 10pm
Marvin’s Tattoo Parlor 203 North Fishe Street Always Open
McHugh’s Antiques 898 West Church Street Always Open
McNally Motor Vehicles 412 South Peabody Street 8am – 7pm
Peabody Pets 218 South Peabody Avenue Always Open
Prentice’s Books and Tomes 656 West Derby Street 8am – 7pm
Prescott’s Gem Shop 207 East Washington Street 7am – 8pm
Prince’s Jewelry Galleria 490 West River Street 9am – 6pm
Salter’s Antiques 760 West Derby Street 8am – 10pm
Strausberg’s Fine Tobacco Shop 295 West Armitage Street 8am – 11pm
Zimmerman Luggage Shop 373 West Armitage Street 8am – 10pm

Houses of Worship

Asbury Methodist-Episcopal Church 401 South Boundary Street
The Convent of St. Teresa 1472 South West Street
First Baptist Church of Arkham 207 East Church Street
Miskatonic Synagogue 247 West Church Street
St. Genisius’ Basilica 700 South Parsonage Street
St. Stanislaus’ Church 600 East Derby Street
St. Toad’s Mission 362 North Federal Street


First Bank of Arkham 425 East College Street
Second Bank of Arkham 450 West Church Street (inside M.U.)


Dombrowski’s Boarding House 667 East Pickman Street
The Grand Hotel of Arkham 452 North Jenkin Street
Miskatonic Hotel 742 West Pickman Street

Outdoor Locations

Arkham Municipal Park 1200 South Garrison Street
Assyrian Gardens 643 South Powder Mill Street
Olde Towne Cemetery 431 East Lich Street

Other Locations

Arkham Community Theatre 396 North Garrison Street
The Arkham Historical Society 759 West Church Street
Arkham Home for the Elderly 359 East Derby Street
Arkham Institute of Art 869 West Washington Street
Arkham Museum of History 550 West College Street
Arkham Observatory 268 West Miskatonic Avenue
The Arkham Observer 209 East College Street
Arkham Passenger Docks 800 South French Hill Street
Arkham Pugilists’ Club 723 North West Street
Arkham Society of Skeptical Minds 332 West College Street
Arkham Town Auction Hall 193 South Bad Water Road
Arkham Train Station 400 West Armitage Street
Mortis & Carver, Undertakers 647 East Lich Street
Old Guild Hall 339 West Main Street
Pearson and Sons’ Christmas Grotto 523 North Garrison Street
WHPL Arkham Radio 722 North Peabody Avenue


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