Mortal Character Sheet

Helpful Notes

  • Please consider making characters in different places of the world to help spread out the Game. We are always low on PC’s based in the USA.
  • If you already have a character in the game, please have a thought about how to avoid having the same friends/contacts/enemies. We request that you avoid cross-relationships with other characters your primary character knows to prevent meta-gaming.
  • Make sure you really think about your history and goals, this helps the Guardians with any storytelling in the future.
  • If you are playing a Squib you will need to provide in your history how you avoided being killed during and shortly after the 2nd Great Wizarding War.
  • If you are playing anything other than the standard characters, please add or remove fields necessary for us to understand what you are playing and what your character is capable of.

Start Copying Here

Please consider using text edit, note pad or word pad for typing up your character sheet. When posted to the Character Creation Forum it should be formatted for easier reading. Please see this proper example to view how it is intended to be posted. Please fill in all fields, even if you use ‘N/A’ or ‘None’.

Basic Information

Player name or Nickname:
Game being played (CoC, Hunter, etc…):
Character Name:
Age & DoB:
Country of Birth:
Current City/Country of Residence:
Arkham Professor (What Class?):
Squib, Mundane, Investigator or Cultist?:
Literary Crossover (Yes/No):
LC (Name of Book or Movie):
Desired Character ties:

Eldritch Background

School(s) Attended:
Ritual or God Witnessed:
Rituals/Spells Known:
Natural Abilities/Affinities:
Mundane & Magical Strengths:
Mundane & Magical Weaknesses:
Unusual abilities or possessions:

Detailed Profile

(give as much information as possible; the more the better. Information you wish to keep secret can be sent privately to the Guardians)
Detailed Personality:
Detailed Appearance:
Location of Home & How you travel to/from it:
History of Relations: (Mother, Father, Siblings, others):
(If a witness to Wizarding World Magic, how did you escape being Obliviated?):
IC Goals (thoughtful short-term and long-term goals):
Connections to other supernatural groups, if any:
Existing PC/NPC connections:
History (please be thorough but concise; aim for 300-1000 words):

Info for the Guardians

What other characters do you play in our game?
How will you avoid benefiting from or interacting with them and their allies?
Is there anything you wish to get out of our game personally?:
Is there a part of your history you would like to explore in the future?:

Stop Copying Here

Submitting your Character
Once you are finished, please post this application into the Character Creation Forum. The tags in the subjects should look like this:

  • (HP) (Wizarding World)
  • (OWOD) (Ling, Vamp, Werewolf)
  • (Mortal) (Muggle, Squib, Cultist, Investigator)
  • (LC) + (one of the above) (Literary Crossovers)