House Rules

  1. HBN is considered user friendly to players who are 16 and older [no exceptions]. We intend to keep posting in the shout box and public threads PG13; as a warning the game can get quite scary as it involves content about horror stories and mature topics. We do have a forum for adult posts. This can only be accessed by verifying that you are 18+.
  2. Please be as Courteous, Respectful, Welcoming, and Friendly to all players.
  3. Emotive writing is encouraged in our forum, but all types of writing are welcome. We strive to be as creative as possible, while maintaining clarity.
  4. We expect our members to have a good grasp of grammar, character development, and content. We will uphold these expectations from the process of submitting a character sheet to your posts.
  5. Guardians and Admin have the final say in all situations.
    • If a Guardian enters your thread, be courteous. They can enter any thread they want; pay careful attention to any instructions given.
    • Our Staff reserves the right to ask you to edit and alter your PC if the character throws off the balance of our game.
  6. We are a free form game with little to no mechanics. Everyone is honour bound to play responsibly; abusing power is frowned upon. Everyone is here to tell a good story! We discourage PVP unless absolutely necessary.
  7. We encourage a mix of characters to tell a wider range of stories, but try not to mix too much. There are consequences IE if a wizard is given vampire blood they will lose all of their powers.
  8. Write with high levels of description and proper grammar. A minimum of 3 sentences meets the basic requirements of our game. (See note below on Post Incentives.)
  9. No abandoning threads, finish everything you begin.
  10. No more than ONE In-Character position of power per player. This helps maintain an even spread of characters to play politics against.
  11. Meta-gaming is not permitted. If you cannot provide evidence of where your character was told specific information you may be suspended from the game.
  12. Hogwarts is a beginner to advanced role playing site designed to be used by mature adult writers and role players. If you cannot handle critique, this site is not for you. We are here to have fun and grow as people and writers in a creative, intelligent environment. We also expect members to have a basic understanding of RP etiquette. We prove many links to help you explore how to become a better player in our character creation pages. A warning will be issued if you are found in violation of any of basic RP decorum.
  13. ‘I Quit’ and ‘Rage Quitting’ messages will not be tolerated. They will be moved into a private forum for review by the Guardians. If you are angry take 24 hours before you hit our board with whatever upsets you. Sometimes a time-out is better than burning bridges.
  14. Don’t post other users’ personal information, such as real name, physical addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or social networking data. Don’t post private messages or e-mail messages from other users without their permission. (Real life and privacy come first.)
  15. All materials produced voluntarily for HBN will be retained for future use; even if a player or Guardian steps down or leaves the game.
  16. We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to OOC drama. We will not tolerate it, we will not respond to it, and those who have been found to be the cause of it will be banned without warning.
  17. If you have an issue with another member, please try to resolve it amongst yourselves first before addressing it with an Admin.
  18. IC conflict should never cross into OOC and vice versa. No name calling or personal insults, harassment, cyber stalking etc…

If anyone breaks any House Rules, please notify a Guardian with evidence and it will be reviewed. If you have any questions please Ask Peeves.

If you are OK with these House Rules, please see Character Creation to get started!

Extra Reading for Better Role-play:

Extra Incentives/Benefits to Posting longer replies:

Shown here are posting banners that appear whenever you make a post on the board. Consider them goals. This is a way to know if you are reaching a strong word count as you play with other characters in the game.

On top of knowing you have met a strong word count, it is also used by the Guardians to determine if your RP is strong enough to learn more powers and abilities. The longer and stronger your posts are, the more cool stuff we will let you bring into the game!


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