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HBN Classic Re-launched!

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to the Re-launch of Hogwarts by Night!

HBN was founded in 2003 by members of The Slytherin Dorms from the Warner Bros Site. We wanted a place where we could explore the darkness of Harry Potter in a much more dangerous setting than what was currently being played at the time.

Our game was a Classic play-by-post that wanted to be something more than kid friendly. We wanted Darkness, Lust, and exploration of creative concepts that were no confined to just the Magical World.

The game was quite the success at the height of its popularity. We even were lucky to be mentioned in Time Magazine Online as one of the best Harry Potter websites online at the time. Sadly we closed our doors and ever since then it continued to linger in the back of the creators mind until now.

We hope you enjoy reading through our pages, and we really hope you will decide to come play with us! Hover over Character Creation to find our Game Setting. What are you inspired to play?

Have fun and please share our website http://www.hogwartsbynight.com with anyone who may be interested!


[HBN] Camp Crystal Lake (Magical)


Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake!

Our summer camp is located on a beautiful island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, just a short boat ride from Santorini Greece or your nearest Ministry of Magic Office via Portkey.

The island is protected and maintained by the International Wizarding Council in effort to unite the Magical Communities of the world. It is safe and it is available to all magical children as a safe place where they can practice magic under the supervision of trained Witches and Wizards.

We offer a number of summer activities ranging from Magical Home Economics, Study Courses for those wish to excel in the arts, duelling clubs, camp fire gatherings, swimming and crafts.

The 2017 Summer Season offers an exciting opportunity to visit magical communities around the globe. Ministry officials from around the world have sponsored Portkeys for trips from camp to offices all over the world (with chaperones of course).

Come to Camp Crystal Lake and we promise you will have a good time!

Magical World Adults, are you looking for something to do this summer? Camp Crystal Lake is seeking enthusiastic staff to help run the camp for the summer. Please send an OWL to Head Witch Agatha Larkshead today!

(HBN Announcement) Pardon our dust! May 13th, 2017

Dear friends,

There has been some minor confusion and contentions with HBN rule/sheet/setting alterations so I am going to clarify a few points.

We are reviving a game that was run for quite some time in
the past. A lot of our information was stored on a paid House_Rules_Blackforum, owned and run by myself, and unfortunately wasn’t backed up. This means that a lot of our Game Setting, House Rules and other niggles will have to be sorted out ‘as problems arise’. This may be confusing for some of the newer players who have not been around with us from the beginning.

We (The Guardians) work as a democracy and make changes to the game and board together. We have our own code of conduct on top of the House and Genre rules that we adhere to. One of the most important Guardian rules is that when we, as a team, make a final decision, it is non-negotiable. We will do our best to hear out all issues and suss out the situation before we put the final stamp on a huge decision, but once it is made it is final. End of.

Our goal is that of ‘when something is set down in stone’ it won’t be changed; this is so we can remain consistent with all players and so we all know what direction we are moving in and what to expect.

The following House Rule has been in place for ‘all players’ since the very beginning.

  • Guardians and Admin have the final say in all situations.
    • If a Guardian enters your thread, be courteous. They can enter any thread they want; pay careful attention to any instructions given.
    • Our Staff reserves the right to ask you to edit and alter your PC if the character throws off the balance of our game.

Our game is intended to be simplified for ‘free-form’ RPG. While we do have some rules and prefer a bit of ‘realism’, at times we may not go into a lot of details (unless asked to) so you all can be creative. Due to our team being advanced players we may from time to time ask players and/or characters to change a little to help balance the game. We will work with you the best we can to ensure that it is fair and it makes sense as to not break the concept.

There is also a method to the madness. If you cannot see and/or access a forum and you may think this is in error. Let us know as it never hurts to ask (we will deliberate and come back with an answer for you)! Sometimes, however, you will not be able to enter places as they are specifically off limits for a reason. You may only be able to see them to ‘read’ them (there are people who just like the stories and don’t want to play).

If there has been any inconveniences we do apologise. It may take some time before we get into a proper rhythm and we appreciate all of our original players and new players patience.

Thank you for exploring our world!

Your 2017 Guardians, Nicci, JJ, Rose and Morte

HBN Announcement/News: April 28th 2017 (IRC Element)

IRC Gaming Element Added to HBN

Fan of IRC gaming? Wish you could just get some of those scenes over quicker? Well now you can! There are two rules to this, that you be responsible and follow the rules that apply also on the forum and that when you are finished you post your scene log into the appropriate forum (or message it to a guardian) for it to count!

We do link directly to a web version so no one has to download mIRC/SnaK unless they really want to. You -do not- need a password to use the chat room or play on irc, but you will need to register an official character on the board to RP with our characters on IRC.

IRC Server: Irc.darkmyst.org
Room: #Hogwartsbynight


(HBN ARCHIVE) Welcome Letter

Written: April 21st, 2017

Welcome to Hogwarts by Night!

There are a few things of note before you get started in our game. The first being that we are always here to help, please post any questions you may have in the ‘Ask Peeves’ area so we can get to them quickly. Alternatively you may ask us questions via our Facebook Group which is attended at all times by Guardians and Players.

In order to play you will need to read a few of our pages to make a character. To help make this easier I will post the pages here that are the most important in the order of how best to get started.

Useful Pages to Know
Main Website: http://www.hogwartsbynight.com
Getting Started: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/getting-started/
House Rules: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/house-rules/
Newbie FAQ: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/newbie-faq-guide/
Game Guardians: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/guardians/

Character Creation
Game Setting: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/game-setting-info/
Creation Rules: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/character-creation/
Character Sheets: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/character-sheets/

Important Starting Forums
Main Portal: http://hogwartsbynight.boards.net/
Meet & Greet: http://hogwartsbynight.boards.net/board/110/meet-greet
Ask Peeves (Help Forum): http://hogwartsbynight.boards.net/board/4/ask-peeves-game-assistance
Character Creation (sheets, laboratory, ties): http://hogwartsbynight.boards.net/board/5/character-creation-click

Facebook Group
HBN: Behind the Scenes: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hogwartsbynight/

You may message a Guardian privately if you have a sensitive Question, but do remember they are located internationally so it may be better to ask in the Shoutbox who is online for a faster response.

In order to message another non-guardian member you will be required to post in the Meet and Greet at least a few times (3). This is merely to prevent spam bots from registering and abusing the board.

Don’t worry if you are very new and still uncertain about something; we will help you!

Thank you for your interest in our world!

JJ, Nicci, Morte, Rose

If the site ever goes down we have a G+ Community located at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111466358637541481255

Alternatively you can also play in Ongoing Worlds located at:

HBN Wishes you all a Happy Easter Holiday 2017!


As you may notice the boards are always quiet during the holidays. For everyone out there celebrating, HAPPY EASTER! We hope everyone has a great weekend (and Bank Holiday in the UK and elsewhere)!

We will see you when life resumes to normal once more!

If you find yourself in a lull, a few of us are still posting!

Happy Easter!

HBN Admin, Nicci, Morte, Rose & JJ


HBN: Guardian Meeting – COI, Balancing Play & Powers (13-April-2017)

Good Evening Everyone,

The Guardians have had a meeting and came to a majority consensus that we need to do something to help stave off conflict of interests within such a small group of players wishing to play more than one Character.

Until we grow enough to not bump into each other with background ties, players are capped at two characters each. Secondary characters will need to be created on the opposite continent as the primary and will not be able to have background ties to the same characters.

  • Players are currently capped at 2 characters per player until our world expands.
  • A Primary and Secondary Character must be created on different continents and tied to completely different characters.

You can still role-play with all of the characters, but if you have a background tie to someone you cannot cross the streams. Characters played by the same person should never end up in the same scene or in the same family together.

When you mix characters too much it is really difficult to separate information and that can lead into confusion when sorting out plot or other information that one character knows and the other should not.

Questions have been brought up about characters on the board that have mixed backgrounds and/or powers. HBN has a grandfathering rule to help not mess up current characters when new rules come into play to balance the game.

To be crystal clear: The characters, who remain in play, have prior permission pre-rules changes to continue playing their characters to the point their concepts are not harmed.

Anyone breaking rules outside of these three characters should be reported to a Guardian for review.

These rules updates are intended to help balance the game and as we grow our game we learn them as situations come up. While we are small we can be easily overpowered by the various mixed games, especially the OWOD powers. Please be patient as we start to explore the boundaries of how we wish to balance our world.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We want you to have as much fun as possible as we grow our world into something really unique and magical.

Thank you!

Guardians of HBN
Nicci, JJ, Morte, Rose, and Hilary

Character Sheet (detailed) Help

This page is a guide on what the sheets are asking for when you write one up for the game. They will more than likely seem a little daunting, but really we are asking certain things to help you flush out your characters. Some of this information may be used by Guardians to help you tell stories in the future; the more you write, the more we can torment assist you with.

Basic Information and Guardian Info remains nearly the same on all of the sheets. The questions asked may be tweaked from time to time. If you have any questions, please ask!

If you find anything while filling these sheets out that doesn’t apply to you, simply put ‘None’ or ‘N/A’. It is always best to anwer everything to speed up getting your character into play.

Basic Information – Information seen when hovered over in the forum. It is just the basics of who you are playing.

Players Name or Nickname: This is to help us become a little more familiar with you. It is your real name or any name you wish us to call you. We respect anonymity, but we will need some sort of way to address you on an out of character level.
Character Name: This is the full name of your character. First, Middle, Last
Age & DoB: Your characters name and full birthday.
Country of Birth: What country were they born in?
Current City/Country of Residence: What city do they live in? They aren’t always in school, this is where they actually reside outside of work/school.
Occupation: What do you do for a living, Professors would be listed as ‘Teacher’
Professor (What Class?): If you are a teacher, what do you teach?
Professor (What School?): If you are a teacher, what school do you teach at?
Blood Type (Full, Half, Muggle born): Good place to list things like Veela/Half-Blood. Blood is very important in the Wizarding World, comes up a lot.
Literary Crossover (Yes/No): Is your character inspired from a book or movie?
LC (Name of Book or Movie): Which book or movie inspired it?
Lineage/House: Did you join an existing family, or one from canon? What is its name?
Desired Character Ties: Are you looking for ties? Many people read new characters are they are posted, mention here if you are looking for certain character types or people to play with.

Magical BackgroundWizarding World Sheet Section

School(s) Attended: This is for any mortal schools, Wizarding Schools or if you graduated from a college (for adult wizards).
Wand: Your wand details, we suggested using pottermore.com to find out, its perfectly find to list whatever you want here.
Pet/familiar (optional): Do you keep any pets?
Natural Abilities/Affinities: Are you good at anything non-magical, as in, were you always good at sports, or do animals love you?
Mundane & Magical Strengths and Weaknesses: Everyone is good and horrible at things. No one is immune from danger, what hurts your character? What do you succeed and fail at?
Unusual abilities or possessions: Do you carry any heirlooms? Anything magical in nature that should be noted? Can you do anything like wordless magic?

Vampiric Background – Vampire: The Masquerade Sheet Section

Apparent Age: This is what age you look, despite how old you are. Vampires don’t age, they will always look as old as when they were embraced, unless they were modified or can use makeup to look older.
Clan: Vampires have different Clan types, which one are you?
Sect: Anarch, Sabbat, or Camarilla. Where does your loyalty lay?
NPC/PC Ghouls: These are people who have been fed your blood to help maintain your lifestyle. They could also be a character played by someone else if you found someone to play one.
List your 3 In-Clan Abilities: You vampires abilities/powers
Natural Abilities/Affinities: Are you good at anything non-magical, as in, were you always good at sports, or do animals love you?
Mundane & Magical Strengths and Weaknesses: Everyone is good and horrible at things. No one is immune from danger, what hurts your character? What do you succeed and fail at?
Unusual abilities or possessions: Do you carry any heirlooms? Anything magical in nature that should be noted? Can you do anything like wordless magic?

Changeling Background – Changeling: The Dreaming Sheet Section
I won’t lie to you, to make a Fae you will need to use Google to understand how this game works. We have broken it down as simply as possible, but you will need to find the various things to plug into the questions such as legacies, and powers.

Fae Name: What do the Fae call you in The Dreamlands/Courts?
Apparent Age: This is the age you seem to be, even if you are older.
Seeming: All Kithain are considered to belong to one of three categories, which are collectively referred to as seemings. Childlings, Wilders, Grumps.
Kith: Although each of the Kith are based on myths from Celtic, and a few other cultures, the more important aspect is that they each represent a particular dream such as nobility or honour.
Legacies: For changelings, life is a balancing act, whether it be between Banality and Bedlam, faerie and mortal, or Seelie and Unseelie. Legacies represent both the most basic aspects of a changeling’s personality and the duality of it. All changelings have both a Seelie and and Unseelie Legacy. Choosing Legcies for your character is one of the most important aspects of character creation. Your character’s Legacies will be your guide to roleplaying her nature.
Seelie or Unseelie?:
Seelie: These changeligs fall toward the lighter side of gray. Although Seelie fae can be just as conniving and manipulative as Unseelie, they tend to have less selfish motivations, and they definitely work within and bow to the authority of the Seelie Court. As you choose your Legacy for your character, consider why she behaves the way she does, as this will be useful in determining how you role-play her.

Unseelie: Many Seelie Changelings and students of the fae see the Unseelie Court as somehow evil, but this description is far too simple. Unseelie Changelings embrace change and sneer at tradition, seeing no special tie to their past or, indeed, to the Dreaming, which seems to have forsaken all Changelings. The Unseelie way is passionate and pragmatic, satisfying desire and need alike; the Unseelie deny themselves nothing.
Belong to one of the courts houses?: Each Seelie and Unseelie courts/legacties have houses that belong to them. Have you joined one? (This quesiton will take further research)
Arts and Realms: Every Cantrip is comprised of two parts, the Realm, and the Art. Arts describe the effect of each individual cantrip. Unlike other supernatural powers, such as Disciplines, the method by which many Arts are performed is spread freely among the Kithain, causing very few direct relationships between Kiths and Arts.
Natural Abilities/Affinities: Are you good at anything non-magical, as in, were you always good at sports, or do animals love you?
Mundane & Magical Strengths and Weaknesses: Everyone is good and horrible at things. No one is immune from danger, what hurts your character? What do you succeed and fail at?
Unusual abilities or possessions: Do you carry any heirlooms? Anything magical in nature that should be noted? Can you do anything like wordless magic?

Werewolf Background – Werewolf: The Apacalypse Sheet Section
You will need to google or know the system to answer most of these questions. They are vital to creation so make sure you are thorough when creating a Garou.

Deed Name/Nickname: What do other Garou call you? Did you earn yourself a cool nickname since you turned?
Homid or Lupus?:
Lupus are a breed of Garou who was born as and raised as a wolf, which is their natural form.
Homid are a breed of Garou born as and raised by humans, which is their natural form.
Auspice: Auspice is the term for the phase of the Moon under which a Garou was born.
Tribe: A tribe is the “family” of a Garou, determining a werewolf’s social ties, totem, and spiritual connections.
Pack: Pack is a small group of Werewolves bound to each other by ties of friendship and mission as opposed to culture.
Gifts and Rites: Garoup Powers and Abilities. We cap this at level 3, 1 power per level as they ca be insanely powerful.
Natural Abilities/Affinities: Are you good at anything non-magical, as in, were you always good at sports, or do animals love you?
Mundane & Magical Strengths and Weaknesses: Everyone is good and horrible at things. No one is immune from danger, what hurts your character? What do you succeed and fail at?
Unusual abilities or possessions: Do you carry any heirlooms? Anything magical in nature that should be noted?

Detailed Profile
(give as much information as possible; the more the better. Information you wish to keep secret can be sent privately to the Guardians)

This is the heavy writing section. We need as much information as possible in this section so we know how to play with you in future plots. Even if your character doesn’t remember something, write it down anway. If you don’t want everyone to see something that is secret, simply message it to a guardian to be placed into a private section.

Personality & Appearance: What do they look like, how do they react in certain situations? How do they behave?
Location of Home & How you travel to/from it: If you do not live where you work or go to school, where do you live? How do you manage to get there from where you work or go to school? Hogwarts students for example use the train.
History of Relations: (Mother, Father, Siblings, others): List family members and perhaps a bit about where they are or what has happened to them.
(If Muggle-born, how did you escape execution?): Muggle borns went into hiding, they were murdered during the 2nd wizarding war and they have fought to remain alive. How did you manage to make it?
IC Goals (thoughtful short-term and long-term goals): This is for very specific goals your character is after. It is very boring to not have a purpose. Think deeply about where your character hopes to go, what they want.
Connections to other supernatural groups, if any: Our world has a push for unity among various species. Do you know anyone who is ‘special’?
Existing PC/NPC connections: Have you made a background tie with an existing player? You can request ties via the Guilt by Association section of the forum, even before you post a character. It is always fun to come into play knowing people!
History (please be thorough but concise; aim for 300-1000 words):
Write, Write, Write, now is the time to tell your story. We want to know as much as you are willing to push yourself to tell us. The more the better. You don’t need to write a novel, but put as much effort as you can into where they were born, how they grew up, why they are going to school or doing the job they are doing. Let it flow.

Info for the Guardians
This is to help us keep characters straight and to know what you are seeking from our game. It is also to help players stay aware of the possible conflicts of tying with the same PC’s over and over again.

What other characters do you play in our game? Have more than one? Tell us!
How will you avoid benefiting from or interacting with them and their allies? This is your game plan to avoid mixing backgrounds or ties with the same characters. It should not be possible for your characters to all end up in the same scene together.
Is there anything you wish to get out of our game personally? Why did you come to our game, why are you here?
Is there a part of your history you would like to explore in the future?:
Plot. Basically. What do you want us to explore and what out of your history can we abuse help you with.