Wizarding World

Wizards (this includes wizards with lycanthropy):

Current School Schedule:

School threads end on June 1st for summer holidays. To give time for meaningful RP the school will not resume again until September 1st. Students made before June 1st will graduate to their next year when school resumes, all other students made after the 1st of June will start with their chosen year September 1st.

Students will be able to play -anywhere- in the world during summer break (at their own risk)! All schools will be inaccessible during the summer break.

Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy will join Hogwarts in September 2017

2017 Current Canon Information and Canon Characters at Hogwarts:

We are using a fan-made character list in lieu of a ‘Canon’ Professor list in our game. If you do want to play your own character instead of a canon as a Teacher (excluding Minerva McGonagall who is true canon as Headmistress), we simply ask that you think out how they obtained the job for your character sheet.

  • albusscorpius
    Credit to Cursed Child

    We highly encourage pure bloods in our game.

  • Time Turners have been confiscated and destroyed by the ministry of magic (all of them *cough*).
    • Artefacts will also be under scrutiny as they were also confiscated while the ministry searched for Time Turners.
  • Whether adult or child, please remember that Hogwarts is secure! Getting in or out without permission should be difficult and ultimately impossible.
  • Squibs are considered Mortal Characters in our game. This is due to hiding from being executed in the 2nd Wizarding World.
  • Adults can go to College after they finish at a Wizarding School. We encourage you to use the College of Wizardry’s Sorting Quiz to determine your PC’s House.
  • Ilvermorny Students will be able to go to Arkham on the Weekends, Hogwarts Students will still go to Hogsmeade. College of Wizardry can floo to either (at their own risk).
  • Muggleborns do exist, but they’re rare at Hogwarts and face prejudice. If you wish to play a Muggleborn, especially at Hogwarts; Take time to consider how your character feels about this.
  • Killing curses are ILLEGAL, if you get caught using them you will be sent to Azkaban Prison.
  • Students cannot use magic outside of school (exception are College students). Depending on the severity and context of the situation students can be expelled from school.
  • Electronics do not work in the Wizarding World Schools. Ghosts zap the energy out of them as soon as they arrive on campus.
  • Wizards know very little about ‘Dark Creature’ societies. DADA only teaches the basics per the Ministries Agreement with the Supernaturals.
  • Squibs are not permitted into Magical Schools and remain ‘Muggles’ in current Wizarding Society.
  • Wandless magic does not exist in our setting. All spells require a wand (Only exception are CoC Spells which cannot be used by Wizards).
  • Playing a canon character is an option, but remember that we are telling new stories. If you and your friend want to play Albus and Scorpius, don’t tell us the story we read in Cursed Child; play through the things that didn’t make it into the book!

(Please remember to read the Character Creation Page)


For centuries, when wizards spoke of werewolves, they were speaking of lycanthropy. The best-known example of this is Remus Lupin. Lycanthropes are cursed and cannot control the change, nor do they possess free will or self-control while they are changed (unless a potion is made to lessen the effect).

True werewolves (Garou) are born not made. They have a society and different abilities of their own. They can control the change and remain themselves no matter which form they are in. It is possible for a true werewolf to go into a frenzy state, but this is rare and is not caused by the full moon.

Garou consider lycanthropes to be creatures of impure blood (like muggle born are to wizards) and tend to dislike them on principle. The fact that wizarding society sees the two as the same is highly offensive. Many wizards still do not understand the difference and treat werewolves with fear and disdain.

The College of Wizardry is based off of a Polish LARP. We are opening up the college to give the players a chance to continue any characters and relationships they formed in the game. Anyone is welcome to make a character for the College, even if you have not been able to go to the LARP.

There are three years in the College (Junior, Sophomore, Senior).

Please be sure to check our their website for more information!

College of Wizardry – Czocha Castle (Poland)

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