Guardians who Care for Our World

potterHBN does not have ‘storytellers’, we have ‘Guardians’ (sometimes disguised as Hogwarts Ghosts). This means we all have an equal say and equal responsibility to take care of our world collectively. We strive to communicate, work through, and fully discuss any changes that occur to the world before we introduce it to the players.

Our game has classically always been self-driven. However if you do want more than we can come up with plot for you. Everyone in the game is here to tell a story and we respect the choice of whether players want to interact via a personal plot or board plot.

Guardian Code of Conduct:

  1. Respect one another and all players (no one is beneath another)
  2. Uphold the decisions made by other Guardians
  3. Discuss any MAJOR changes to the game with all other Guardians and respect everyone’s thoughts when considering the final decision.
    • Never take this personally as we are all striving to maintain a Classic Game while attempting to refine it to be cohesive and fun.
  4. All major changes must be finalised by The Creator and other Guardians before going into full effect.
    • After 3 days of posting the final it will pass as long as 50% of the Guardians have spoken on the issue.
  5. Anyone can Volunteer to help out as a Guardian. We will need to know a little more about you and if you have any experience before taking Guardian votes for you to join the team.
    • There will occasionally be an ‘all call’ for volunteers.
  6. All materials produced voluntarily for HBN will be retained for future use; even if a player or Guardian steps down or leaves the game.
  7. All Guardians are to keep Guardian discussions private, and not share those communications with players without consent. In the same way that private messages between players shouldn’t be shared without permission. It’s common internet courtesy, folks 🙂
  8. Guardians have access to non-playing characters designed to sensibly carry game on. Creation of these NPC’s follow the same rules as player characters (if it isn’t on the sheet, you don’t have it) and must be approved by at least 3 Guardians; this character must have a written plot synopsis posted on its creation thread before it can go into play. 


Keeper of Darkness (Helena Ravenclaw): Founder, Creator and World Builder: Rose is the original owner and designer of HBN; started in 2003.

Responsibilities: Everything




Guardian of Hatters: JJ: Original and Long-Long time member of HBN. One of the few Original members still haunting the game and still highly respected for his work. He’s a bit busy IRL, but we love him to pieces!

Responsibilities: Jack of all Trades. Social Media Moderation, Opening, moving and Locking Threads, Editing Profiles, changing tags, Monitoring the Rules for infractions, Mediating Problems between players, and Keeping an eye on the Overall functions of the board for problems.


morteGuardian of Shadows: Highly respected role-player and very much a mother of sense and style. This Guardian has a long history of coordinating World of Darkness games! Most of the time now she spends with her lovely and smart daughter, or spinning yarn for crafts.

Responsibilities:  Character Approvals, Social Media and Forum Moderation, Opening, moving and Locking Threads, Editing Profiles, World of Darkness Knowledge, and Advice.


nicciGuardian of Light: Nicci: Original and long-time member of HBN. One of the few Original members still haunting the game and still highly respected for her hard work. She is the mother of an amazing little girl and studies in school/works with youths as a living.

Responsibilities:  Social Media and Forum Moderation, Opening, moving and Locking Threads, Editing Profiles, Harry Potter Fan, has World of Darkness Knowledge, and gives Advice.

elizabethMoaning Myrtle: Liz: Avid role-player, both online and not. Social organiser, counselling student and loving fiancée. She is a semi-recent addition to the Guardians but proud to be among their number.

Responsibilities: Game assistance, Moving and locking threads, Age appropriate testing, Discussion sounding board, Harry Potter Fan, and has World of Darkness Knowledge.


Honorary Guardians:

Those who give sound advice and amazing support.

  • Hilary: Highly respected for her experience in RPG’s. She gives advice and assists with sanity and honest thoughts on the game and it’s direction.