Getting Started

1.1 Registration
1.2 Chosing a Character Name
1.3 Making A Character
1.3a Simplified Steps to Creation
1.4 Do’s and Dont’s
1.5 Book Characters
1.6 Character Exceptions
1.7 New to RP? Extra Reading for better Role-Play

Note: You do not need to have knowledge of The Magical World, Old World of Darkness, or Call of Cthulhu to play. Your characters will learn along the way with you!

1.1 Registration

When signing up a new character, you must go to the Game Forum and click on the button at the top of the menu that says “Register” – this will take you to a registration form where you are to enter your details. In the fields ‘Username’ and ‘Gender’ you are to fill in your character’s details.

1.2 Choosing a Character Name
The first thing you need to do is decide on a Character Name. Your Character Name is your characters first and last name. It is the name that everyone sees on the forum.

When inputting a Character Name, please make sure that you are putting in your characters first and last name. You may choose a Canon (Book Character) from the Wizarding World, but please look over the Current Character List to make sure no one else is playing it yet.

If you are unsure of a name, you may chose a friendly username as the Guardians can change the public name after the character is approved for play.

1.3 Making A Character
So you’ve registered, but where to now? The next step in the signing up process is typing up and submitting a character to our Character Creation Forum. To begin, start with reading our Game Setting so you understand our world then our Character Creation Page for the type of character you wish to play; then use the appropriate Character Sheet to outline who you are playing.

Your character sheet tells people a little more about your character. You can share whatever information you like about them on your character sheet, but the character sheet generally tells people what they look like, how old they are, what their personality is like and where they come from.

You can write as much as you want (we provide guidelines), the more you write the more people get to know your character. It’s all up to you. If there is more you wish to write about your character that you do not wish to share publicly, please feel free to send the complete sheet privately to a Guardian.

Once your character is approved, you’re faced with the entire forum at your disposal. There are a lot of sections to the forum and it may appear quite daunting at first. What we at HBN recommend you do is spend some time reading other peoples posts before you start posting. Once you feel comfortable with how things are set up, then dive right in. Don’t be afraid, we at HBN are a friendly bunch of people who won’t hesitate to help you should you require assistance.

1.3a Simplified Steps to Creation

  1. Pick a Character Type
  2. Read our House Rules and Game Setting.
  3. Register a Message Board Account.
  4. Copy your chosen character sheet to a text program and fill it out.
  5. Login to the Message Board.
  6. Enter the The Character Creation Forum.
  7. Start a new Topic and Paste with descriptive topic (Copy others example).

1.4 Do’s and Dont’s
DO: Think about your character before you sign them up. Try to plan out your character. When posting, try and judge what your characters honest reaction would be based on their personality that you gave them. If you’re not sure about something, then ask.

Don’t just pretend you know what you’re doing. Please read the house rules and character creation rules before signing up. It does help. If you play a Canon, do read up about them via the Harry Potter Wiki or Harry Potter Lexicon so you understand as much about them as possible.

DON’T: Make a Old World Darkness or Call of Cthulhu character without reading up about them first. There are separate sections dedicated to other races, so if you are interested in making a character from another race please be prepared to read as much as you can to understand them.

1.5 Book Characters
You ARE allowed to play Harry Potter book characters here on HBN. If you would like to RP a book character then you must visit the main site and examine the Current Character List to see if the character you want to play is already taken. If it is, then you will NOT be able to role-play that character. If it is not taken then it is free for you to play.

If the character is dead in our current timeline (Present Day), then it will NOT be available for play. We do follow canon timelines that take place in all Wizard World Books and Movies (favouring the books).

Literary Crossovers: You may play characters from any book or movie you love. The only thing you need to consider is how the concept fits into our game setting and that you may need to adapt the character to fit into our world.

Book characters need to be kept as close to how they are portrayed in the books as possible.

1.6 Character Exceptions
Guardians do hold final say on whether a unique character can blend or be allowed into the game past the ‘normal’ guidelines. Please do not be offended if the concept is too out of place for our setting. We attempt to balance our world to be as fair as possible. If you want to play something ‘special’, we advise that you register on the board and message a Guardian.

1.7 New to RP? Extra Reading for better Role-Play

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