Game Setting

Note: You do not need to know any of these genre settings to play in our game. You can learn along with your character and we will help you.

Our story takes place in the present-day; for reference to Harry Potter canon, Albus Potter begins school in the fall of 2017. Please use HP Dating Conventions as our ‘official’ timeline. 

HBN is a combination of all World of Darkness games (Mage is replaced by The Magical World of Harry Potter) by White Wolf and all great works of literature in our modern times and classic era’s mixed with Call of Cthulhu. It is possible to play almost any book or character in our game and we welcome creativity. All kinds of literature are acceptable in our game as long as they fit into the story.


Coquette by S. Chateau

Following the Second Wizarding War in Spring of 1998 a reconstruction period has attempted to set the balanced of the Wizarding World right again. Only it still isn’t right at all; the dark lord is dead, and those left behind are still alive.

Thrown into chaos the Wizards, Kindred Vampires, Werewolves, Fae and Humans continue to battle against prejudices remaining from the battle of Hogwarts. The death eaters continue on their master’s mission but at an erratic pace and completely random attacks without guidance. Some death eaters continue to try and carry on where Voldemort left off, none so far have been powerful enough or successful.

The Second Wizarding War caused a wave of Wizarding World sympathy for the Muggleborns and Muggles. Minister Shacklebolt took advantage of this to pass new laws protecting Muggles, and anti-Muggleborn prejudice are no longer considered socially acceptable.

The Dark Creatures of the world (having a place on the International Wizarding Council) assisted by Shacklebolt and Hermione, pushed the relations between the wizarding world and other supernatural beings. Due to their efforts there is now an outreach program, including (but not limited to) an attempt to hire more non-wizard supernaturals to teach at Hogwarts and other Wizarding Schools. All groups involved have mixed feelings about this and cannot agree.

The department of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures continues to work towards balance and peace in the Wizarding World again.

As time moved on, 20 years later, the rise of Purebloods in the Wizarding World has brought a new and very ancient bigotry back on the rise again. As the children grow older the world becomes entangled in matters thought long settled. Many watch horrified as Pure families send their children into the world with prejudice and unhealthy pride; they have learned nothing from the past.

Currently there are very few Muggle born students at Hogwarts and Half Bloods in society are noticing more blatant racism than they are used to seeing.

In a measure to prevent more violence the Ministry has put into place a law for the Unforgivable Curses (they are illegal and not to be used in any circumstance). Anyone who uses the curses and gets caught will be immediately arrested by the Ministry.

Muggles and Cultists… now that is another issue entirely… read more here

(Please remember to read the ‘Getting Started‘ and Character Creation Page that explains the interrelationships between the worlds in our game.)

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