Current Characters

Updated 27-June-2017

Old World of Darkness Characters

vampireVampires (Sabbat)

Vampire (Camarilla) *No Current UK Prince/Primogen

Vampire (Independent)

Werewolves (Bitten and Natural)

  • Caleb Molloy (Garou – Ahroune, Fianna) [Arkham]
  • Ayet (Garou – Theurge, Wendigo) [Arkham]


Call of Cthulhu Professors/Investigators/Hunters/Squibs/Muggles



Wizarding World Characters

lingdarkAdult Wizards (Non-School Staff)

Azkaban Prison

Prison Staff

Ministry Aurors


Hogwarts Staff

Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall (This character is portrayed as an NPC, but could be picked up by an ambitious player.)

Ilvermorny Staff

College of Wizardry – Czocha Castle Staff

Students not in a Magical School (yet)

  • empty

Wizarding Students (Mixed Schools listed)

1st Years

2nd Yearsgryffindortower

3rd Years

4th Years

5th Years

6th Years

7th Years



Lorelei Fairholm, Erin T. Cao, Miach Cían Walsh, Sir Elijah Byron

Misplaced Friends and Characters (Before Game Reset):

We are seeking to reach out to former players. If you recognise any of these character names and know who the players are, please let them know we are back! List is located here…

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