Character Creation

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Creating a character is the first step to playing in our game. The procedure is quite straight forward and simple; to begin please read our Getting Started page.

There are a few rules, but these are here to help us balance the game and maintain peace.

The rules listed on this page are for all characters and players in our game. Please make sure to read this page before moving on to the individual character type creation pages.

The following rules apply to ALL character types and our players creating them:

  • This is a free form game; character creation does not need mechanics.
  • Players are currently capped at 3 characters per player until our world expands. One of those characters MUST be a lifer or Auror at Azkaban Prison.
  • A Primary and Secondary Character must be created on different continents and tied to completely different characters. If you play an Azkaban Auror, it must be based from a Ministry office not associated with your primary or secondary.
  • Invent a unique but grounded concept. Give other characters a reason to want to interact with your character.
  • Think about what sort of things your characters might want. This helps to give you something to do as you explore our world.
  • If you decide to make more than one character, please consider how you will avoid interacting with other characters your primary character knows and having ties with the same characters. We suggest choosing a different part of the game to play in. If your primaries are in the U.K., think about placing the new ones in Arkham.
    • Your character cannot be in the same Scene as another one of your characters, this is considered a Conflict of Interest. They should never been in the same place at the same time.
  • Our game discourages PVP. If your concept is meant to be violent, confrontational or antisocial please think about how to avoid conflict and fights with other characters. This helps to keep the game balanced. (exceptions for PVP/PVE in the Notes Below.)
  • A few Guardians may ask questions at Character creation, this is totally normal. The character is probably fine, we just want to know you better.
  • The more unique and unusual your character is, the more likely you will be asked questions. This is just so you will be aware of the expectations and responsibilities of playing such an awesome character.
  • Some concepts may not be allowed for various reasons. If you want to play something that isn’t listed here on the board you should contact a Guardian first. We will discuss it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We’re friendly here and respect the difference between IC and OOC. Please try to avoid taking something personally, talk it out or ask a Guardian to be a moderator.

FAQ About Character Interactions in our world:

Mixed Group Interactions:

Mixing can be varied and we request that it is refrained from being ‘random’ unless the interaction makes sense. The existence of each group is widely known and even taught in Defence Against The Dark Arts. There are various books on Dark Creatures written and published by Gilderoy Lockhart. Many things are still kept a secret, not even making it into DADA classes. Dark Creatures do have access to areas of the Wizarding World (diagon, hogsmeade etc…), but they are not welcome in the Wizarding Schools uninvited.

Is there a Treaty? On 2 December 2010, the Minister for Magic and a group of officials from the Ministry (including Ms. Granger) sat down with several high status supernaturals. The Dark Creatures announced and ratified their intentions to keep to their own societies, maintain understanding and harmony (within reason of sect and membership conflicts), and to keep collective secrets from the Muggles. Soon after, laws and edicts were handed down among each group to enforce this. There are exceptions such as Sabbat, black spirals, other creatures, and vampires who chose to side with The Dark Lord.

Did Supernatural Creatures Fight in the Second Wizarding War? Some did; most fighting against each other in the heat of battle from the loud war cry that shook the United Kingdom. However the Death Eater’s attitudes against non-wizards would have made it intricately hard to get involved. We do know that Dark Creatures were reached out to by both sides in the war, but as of now it is unsure how many of them participated or stayed out of the fighting as much as possible. To many, the Wizard World ‘was not their problem’.

Social Prejudices: In the Muggle world, toxic movements like white supremacy tend to crop up again and again, every generation or so, even after most people think they’ve died out. In the wizarding world, this phenomenon occurs with pure blood supremacists.

The more pure bloods that are born (a lot of them were after the war) the more generational prejudices will start to rise. After the Ministry released articles to protect and integrate muggle born’s, half-bloods and Supernaturals into society the Death Eater agenda started to gain ground again within private homes and secret meetings.

Most people, of course, are appalled by this and do not condone bigotry or violence. Still, fear-mongering is increasing, and hate crimes against Muggles, Dark Creatures and muggle born’s are on the rise.

The Ministry of Magic is still being sent letters and conflicting demands that the mixed creatures and mud blood’s are not allowed anywhere near their children. Claiming it is the best for their children’s ‘security’. The atmosphere has started to settle down, at least on the surface, due to efforts of Hermion Granger and the Ministry to educate the Wizarding World.

There are rumours that the administration is actively diverting acceptance letters to Wizarding Schools to keep the muggle born’s and half-bloods out of school. It also may well be that so few are being born due to the war.

Character Deaths (PVP or PVE): There may be acceptable reasons where a character may be killed without discussion with the opposing player. This should be extremely rare and must be warranted. The following reasons are acceptable reasons to be killed.

  • You are a member of an opposing faction and you willingly enter a thread with an enemy that you know will kill your character.
  • You were told NOT to go somewhere, and you went anyway.
  • You intentionally get involved in a fight in which deadly characters are involved.

What is not acceptable is intentionally entering a thread and killing a character with a ‘one shot, one hit’ post. At least let them have a minimum of three or four posts before killing their character. We all work very hard and invest quite a lot in our creations, please ensure the ending of their lives is done in a worthy death and ending to their story.


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