We can no longer accept supernatural characters to work at Hogwarts. However, there are teaching positions still available at Ilvermorny and The College of Wizardry as long as the class does not require wand work. Miskatonic University is also an option for ‘night classes’ for mortals.

Best resources: Changeling on Wikipedia: and Changeling on Wenchipedia (


  • Redcaps, Oba, and River Hags will be under heavy scrutiny during character creation.
  • Most changelings are youngish; if you are playing a changeling 50 years or older, please include how you stave off Banality in your history.
  • Supernatural and Wizarding Treaty info can be found on this page.
  • Changelings can use The Dreaming for World Travel. That means they can be primarily played in Arkham/NYC (where we need more players at the moment) and still visit friends in the UK.
  • Changelings cannot be students at Hogwarts.
  • Changelings can teach at Hogwarts; Astronomy, Astrology, or be maintenance staff. Check the Current Character List for openings.
  • Changelings are not capable of performing Wizarding World potions, charms, magic or wand spells. Their powers are unique to them.
  • Writing out Bunks is encourages.
  • Whatever else is going on in game, you still strive to embrace wonder and avoid Banality.

(Please remember to read the Character Creation Page)



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