Best resources: Changeling on Wikipedia: and Changeling on Wenchipedia (


  • Redcaps, Oba, and River Hags will be under heavy scrutiny during character creation.
  • Most changelings are youngish; if you are playing a changeling 50 years or older, please include how you stave off Banality in your history.
  • Supernatural and Wizarding Treaty info can be found on this page.
  • Changelings can use The Dreaming for World Travel. That means they can be primarily played in Arkham/NYC (where we need more players at the moment) and still visit friends in the UK.
  • Changelings cannot be students at Hogwarts.
  • Changelings can teach at Hogwarts; Astronomy, Astrology, or be maintenance staff. Check the Current Character List for openings.
  • Changelings are not capable of performing Wizarding World potions, charms, magic or wand spells. Their powers are unique to them.
  • Writing out Bunks is encourages.
  • Whatever else is going on in game, you still strive to embrace wonder and avoid Banality.

(Please remember to read the Character Creation Page)



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