(HBN Announcement) Pardon our dust! May 13th, 2017

Dear friends,

There has been some minor confusion and contentions with HBN rule/sheet/setting alterations so I am going to clarify a few points.

We are reviving a game that was run for quite some time in
the past. A lot of our information was stored on a paid House_Rules_Blackforum, owned and run by myself, and unfortunately wasn’t backed up. This means that a lot of our Game Setting, House Rules and other niggles will have to be sorted out ‘as problems arise’. This may be confusing for some of the newer players who have not been around with us from the beginning.

We (The Guardians) work as a democracy and make changes to the game and board together. We have our own code of conduct on top of the House and Genre rules that we adhere to. One of the most important Guardian rules is that when we, as a team, make a final decision, it is non-negotiable. We will do our best to hear out all issues and suss out the situation before we put the final stamp on a huge decision, but once it is made it is final. End of.

Our goal is that of ‘when something is set down in stone’ it won’t be changed; this is so we can remain consistent with all players and so we all know what direction we are moving in and what to expect.

The following House Rule has been in place for ‘all players’ since the very beginning.

  • Guardians and Admin have the final say in all situations.
    • If a Guardian enters your thread, be courteous. They can enter any thread they want; pay careful attention to any instructions given.
    • Our Staff reserves the right to ask you to edit and alter your PC if the character throws off the balance of our game.

Our game is intended to be simplified for ‘free-form’ RPG. While we do have some rules and prefer a bit of ‘realism’, at times we may not go into a lot of details (unless asked to) so you all can be creative. Due to our team being advanced players we may from time to time ask players and/or characters to change a little to help balance the game. We will work with you the best we can to ensure that it is fair and it makes sense as to not break the concept.

There is also a method to the madness. If you cannot see and/or access a forum and you may think this is in error. Let us know as it never hurts to ask (we will deliberate and come back with an answer for you)! Sometimes, however, you will not be able to enter places as they are specifically off limits for a reason. You may only be able to see them to ‘read’ them (there are people who just like the stories and don’t want to play).

If there has been any inconveniences we do apologise. It may take some time before we get into a proper rhythm and we appreciate all of our original players and new players patience.

Thank you for exploring our world!

Your 2017 Guardians, Nicci, JJ, Rose and Morte