HBN: Guardian Meeting – COI, Balancing Play & Powers (13-April-2017)

Good Evening Everyone,

The Guardians have had a meeting and came to a majority consensus that we need to do something to help stave off conflict of interests within such a small group of players wishing to play more than one Character.

Until we grow enough to not bump into each other with background ties, players are capped at two characters each. Secondary characters will need to be created on the opposite continent as the primary and will not be able to have background ties to the same characters.

  • Players are currently capped at 2 characters per player until our world expands.
  • A Primary and Secondary Character must be created on different continents and tied to completely different characters.

You can still role-play with all of the characters, but if you have a background tie to someone you cannot cross the streams. Characters played by the same person should never end up in the same scene or in the same family together.

When you mix characters too much it is really difficult to separate information and that can lead into confusion when sorting out plot or other information that one character knows and the other should not.

Questions have been brought up about characters on the board that have mixed backgrounds and/or powers. HBN has a grandfathering rule to help not mess up current characters when new rules come into play to balance the game.

To be crystal clear: The characters, who remain in play, have prior permission pre-rules changes to continue playing their characters to the point their concepts are not harmed.

Anyone breaking rules outside of these three characters should be reported to a Guardian for review.

These rules updates are intended to help balance the game and as we grow our game we learn them as situations come up. While we are small we can be easily overpowered by the various mixed games, especially the OWOD powers. Please be patient as we start to explore the boundaries of how we wish to balance our world.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We want you to have as much fun as possible as we grow our world into something really unique and magical.

Thank you!

Guardians of HBN
Nicci, JJ, Morte, Rose, and Hilary