HBN Updates Email: 09-April-2017

Good evening!

Quick note about some game/site updates.

We have put together a Newbie FAQ Guide based off of questions we have received about the game. It will be extended when new questions are asked.

If you still have any, please pop into ‘Ask Peeves’! http://hogwartsbynight.boards.net/board/4/ask-peeves-game-assistance

Newbie FAQ Guide:

New Character Sheets:
We have updated the character sheets, if you are still intending to play in our game please use the current sheets: https://hogwartsbynight.wordpress.com/character-sheets/

Primary vs Secondary Characters:

We have now requested that if anyone makes multiple characters that they take care not to twist up relationships with the same allies etc… It may even be a bit sensible to consider if you have a character in London that you make your new character in Arkham instead. It would help create a more flushed world and will limit bumping into the same characters all of the time. This is optional and only a suggestion.


We now have two students in Ilvermorny and possibly two Changeling characters roaming Arkham and New York. We have a few people roaming Hogwarts now, so if anyone wanted to make an American student you could do so easily.
That’s it! If we could do anything better or make anything clearer, please tell us!

Thoughts go out to our Guardian of Hatter’s who isn’t feeling well right now. Get better sir!

The Grey Lady