O.W.L’s & I.M.P.’s – Wizarding Exams

Ever wonder how well you would do on Hogwarts Exams? Want an extra level of depth on your student character’s and Graduated Adults? You can take the exams via PFF (Pottermore Fan Forum). Good luck on those I.M.P.’s & O.W.L.’s!

Exams are hosted by the Pottermore Fan Forum.

The tests are all graded with the system from the books: Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations and Acceptable are pass grades, while Poor, Dreadful and Troll mean you failed the exam. Click here for the I.M.P. Exam (easiest of the two).


The I.M.P. Test is an examination to test your knowledge about the Magical World. It is the easiest of the Wizarding Examinations. It will be graded with the O.W.L. grades – Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, Acceptable, Poor, Dreadful and Troll. Once you have passed the examination (A or higher), you are eligible to take the Y.E.T.I. tests.

Please note it may take a few days for your tests to be graded – it all has to be done by hand by the moderators, who do also have lives outside of PFF!

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Good Luck!