(HBN ARCHIVE) Elitist Newbie Guide – From: The White Ferret

As proclaimed on October 1st by Noctivagus, Gia, Pyrolila, Hugh, and Kiki from ‘The White Ferret’.

This is a guide for new people who need ‘special’ training. This is where you may come to transcend ‘Newbie’ and become a ‘responsible player’

You too, young one, with little training, can become someone who we don’t grumble about in chat! Here are some pointers that we have come up with, if you have anything to add please feel free to reply and let me know.

  1. Read the Rules. Should be ‘enough said’ but no one reads the rules anymore it seems. The best way to not seem like a complete idiot is to read the rules and, (gasp, egad!) to obey them.
  2. Learn what Meta-gaming means so you understand how not to do it.
  3. Make your username in the proper format. this is more than simply not having it be something like ‘spraklehglitterdracoluvverflowers445’ we also mean capitalise your first and last name, don’t put your middle name in your username and all those other things that are clearly outlined in the rules.
  4. Follow posting conventions. this means make your post in third person, write in the past tense, make it of an acceptable length, don’t use emoticons, don’t god-mode, let the person know if you are talking out of character, and don’t do moronic things.
  5. Have an original character. Just to let you know. We have more than enough sluts, dark lord proteges, nice Slytherins, angst ridden Hufflepuffs etc. to last forever. Let’s get some originality. Also…
  6. Cloning someone else’s character is BAD. everyone notices, and the owner of the character you swiped will kill you… and no one can really blame them… better to have a boring character (who will evolve over time) then a replica of someone else. Plus, as I mentioned… you will get severely beaten. Severely.
  7. If you’re making a character from a different culture KNOW the culture. don’t ‘bluff it’ its obvious and can be insulting… don’t buy into stereotypes! Also if you want them talking ‘in their native tongue’ make sure YOU– the person writing — have an ACTIVE and PRACTICAL knowledge of the language. Don’t FAKE IT… Don’t PRETEND! Also, make ethnic names actual believable names… avoid cliches like the plague.
  8. Smut. there is a time and a place. A time and a place. Also, a place and time.
  9. Posting in threads that are not Open. There is a reason they are not open, that is, because they are intended for someone ELSE to reply to. Not you. Only post in threads that are Open, or have your name in them.
  10. Have an idea in mind for a thread. If you want to post with someone, or even leave an open thread, make sure you have an idea. Don’t just write a post about you relaxing on the school lawns. Its hard-to-impossible to reply interestingly to. I personally have replied to a hundred threads where the person is sitting doing homework. If it isn’t interesting in real life its not interesting here.
  11. Read the Stickies before you post. Some boards have special rules, so, whenever you go into a section… read the stickies and anything entitled ‘Read this please’, ‘Read before you post’, or ‘Read or you will be fed to the resident Manticore’ this will prevent you from getting in the bad books of the staff members (*coughcandacebloomcough*). Its simply irritating, and can even lose your house points.
  12. Patience is a virtue. Not all posters come to RnD daily for various reasons. School…work…issues at home or with computers and other various reasons. When posting, understand that you might not have an answer for a while. Be okay with that. It might take people some time to come up with lovely, thought provoking, well detailed posts. And some people might have more than one post to answer to. So…be patient. The wait is usually worth it…trust me. (submitted by Henrick Hanz of The White Ferret)
  13. Microsoft does work. Use it… After all, you are already on a computer. Now, I’m not a total grammar Nazi, nor is my spelling that great, but I use a word possessing program to spell check my work before I post. I suppose it might just be a nit picky thing, but it’s much easier to read a post that doesn’t have so many glaring typos. (submitted by Henrick Hanz of The White Ferret)
  14. Read old Help Topics before you start your own. Surprisingly enough, there is a very slim chance that you are the first person to ask the question you wish to ask. If you just read through a few of the help topics you can save everyone 30 seconds of their life by not posting again. Also, post your name and house changes in the sticky threads, there is really no reason for you to make your own thread.
  15. Obey and respect authority figures. Since becoming a prefect I have discovered that no one has any respect for Heads of Houses, Teachers, Staff Members, Prefects, Moderators, and even Administrators. When you are PMed by a person of authority do what they say, there’s a reason they have authority. If a person of authority cuts into your thread don’t go on doing what you were doing, look at what they are saying, it may give you a hint. Of course, this stretches to anyone, be respectful to all Ferreters, surprisingly most of them just want to help.
  16. Keep it realistic while being unique. No matter what you’re posting keep it within the scope of the kinds of things that actually happen in Hogwarts. So, no, you are not the Dark Lord. You are also not the savoir of the wizarding world. You are a student, (For the most part) doing things out of proportion to that is stupid. So, fighting werewolves, and dark rituals are out of the question. If you overstep the line expect an authority figure to intervene. It won’t be pretty either.
  17. Try to avoid posting in colours. In my mind, it just makes it a bit of a pain to read, especially when you get into yellow and cyan (headaches, anyone?) – colours can detract from otherwise good writing, and some people *cough*me*cough* will flat-out refuse to read anything that isn’t in the standard black. (submitted by Connor Isolde of The White Ferret)
  18. Accept any help given. If someone seems to be following you around, telling you that you are making mistakes, chances are that you aren’t following the rules. Do not get mad at them, they’re just trying to help you. Understand that they have probably been here longer and might know what they’re doing. Always accept any help offered; it might be useful. (submitted by Campton Bellefontaine of The White Ferret)
  19. Before you make an alter, think about whether you can handle another character. If you can’t give your second character the same amount of devotion you give to your primary, don’t make it. Nothing is more annoying than creating a plot with someone who suddenly disappears off the face of the earth. (submitted by Alexandra Rydalmere of The White Ferret)
  20. Common Sense. Incidentally, its not common enough. Expect someone to tell you off if you don’t use yours. Please, don’t make us make you use it.



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