(HBN ARCHIVE) Classic RPG Deadly Sins

Pride: Railroading

Reason – The Excessive Belief In Ones’ Own Belief
A big part of running a thread is writing adventures for others to experience. Writing an adventure is kind of like writing a story that you need to have at least some kind of plot. Sometimes those who write the threads for the entire plot, soup to nuts. This is a dangerous thing. It will cause a very nasty conflict. We must let other players have a feel for the game rather than writing everything that you -expect- them to do. Please, let’s not rush over those who have yet to see what is there. Try to at least make sure that we let each player have a turn that way the thread is able to go more smoothly.

Envy: Stealing The Show

Reason – The Desire For Other’s Traits, Status, Abilities and Situation.
There is a term called “Ride Along NPC’s” and will try to be a best role for a group of players. NPC’s are for only side characters. What they are for is to keep the story going or give ideas. The problem that I’ve noticed in my years of playing is that a lot of other Story Tellers will try to make an NPC be the entire run of the show. As a result, without total control of the players, the adventure will end up being a turn-off for the story. Sometimes totally impossible to play when the players need to figure out the plot. Let us use less of the NPC’s and more of the players. That way the story can actually go on as long as it can.

Gluttony: Unjust Rewards

Reason – The Inordinate Desire To Consume More Than That Which One Requires.
There are parts of being able to doling out various rewards to any player. Others tend to perk for their actions within the thread. There are somethings with RPG’s today. There must be at least some kind of rule to prevent over doing awards or points to a player. For instance, the lack of restraint. If you award a wizard with an over levelled artefact and not watch how strong it is, then that young wizard could end up making the wrong use of it and, get seriously injured..if not killed. We got to watch what goes on out in the area or else things could get a bit disastrous.

Lust: Loving Details To Death

Reason – The Inordinate Craving For Pleasure
OK, this is one thing I’ve been getting owls on and complaints about. There are many threads out there that have been un-watched. Threads that needed Aurors to actually take care of. I ended up getting a complaint about a very serious forest fire in my owl that only a Vampire, Student and Professor took time to investigate. The threads have to be watched and seriously modified. If not, things could get out of control. Let’s use the imagination folks. We got to make sure that both the Omnia Staff AND the Students get involved. Please, this game is here to have fun.

Wrath: Us vs Them

Reason – The Spurning Of Friendship and Kindness For Fury And Hostility.
I noticed that a lot of threads have been getting a bit too personal. When reading, there have been a lot more disputes in OOC than IC. Please refrain from doing this so that others are more safe of what is going on. The other problem is that when a new year student comes in, we can’t just send a Mountain Troll out at him/her and call it willy-nilly. Ain’t happening. Please people, let’s be realistic here an actually try to make the First Year Students feel at home. Let’s not run them out and have chaos running through our halls.

Greed: I -Want- It My Way

Reason – The Excessive Desire For Material, Wealth, Or Gain.
There is the positive thing about rpg that we all seem not to see most. Conflict and Adversity are fundamental concepts of role-playing. Sometimes the Story Teller, or AKA GM, has some disputes with the Player that is very unnecessary and sometimes the other way around. This tends to make the game a bit more difficult and makes the game more of a problem. If the Thread is going to be played, Let’s not be hostile about it. The same is between an IC Villain and Player Character/Enemy. Sometimes it gets others confused of what is going on. Try to make use of the story and not be so hostile about what the story is about.

Sloth – Blind Obedience

Reason – The Avoidance Of Work
The discussion about not responding to ‘0 Response Threads’ and I want to make this one very clear. Like it or not, the creator of the thread has the authority and there for can do as fits to the plot. Second, There has to be a response or else we get more threads out there that are not able to play with or able to make a story from. People start threads for a reason. So that we can know what the story is about before we start the body and do the ending of that story. From what I’ve seen so far, there have been more threads out there unanswered than the last time we ran this sight. Try to start less stories and get things moving or else we’re going to be filled with a lot of stories that have not been answered.



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